The South Saskatchewan River is the West boundary of the Rural Municipality of Rudy No. 284. The East boundary of the RM is about 16 miles east of the River. The North and South boundaries are 24 miles apart. The southeast corner of the RM is hilly while the rest of the RM is generally flat to gently rolling. The South Saskatchewan River Valley gently slopes toward the river to the West. The Town of Outlook, which is located on the East bank of the South Saskatchewan River, is the largest urban center in the RM. The Villages of Broderick and Glenside are also in the RM; Broderick is about 5 miles east of Outlook and Glenside is about 13 miles east and south of Outlook. Most of the land in the municipality is sandy loam, which lends itself well to irrigation. The northern part of the RM is predominately pasture and grazing land.

Highway 15, which links Kenaston (Highway 11) to Rosetown (Highway 4) crosses the RM from east, to West and Highway 219, which links Saskatoon to Gardiner Dam) goes through the RM from North to South.

The RM of Rudy is bounded by the RM of Montrose No. 315 to the North and North-west; the RM of Dundurn No 314 to the North-East, the RM of Rosedale No. 283 to the East; the RM of Loreburn No. 254 to the East and South; and the RM of Fertile Valley No. 285 to the West. The following links will connect you to a District map of all the RM’s and a RM of Rudy map.

The Rural Municipality of Rudy is predominately known for its agriculture. The municipality may be the most intensively irrigated municipality in Saskatchewan. This supports a large variety of crops including grains, potatoes, hay and legumes. Livestock production also plays a major role. The Rudy-Rosedale PFRA community pasture is located in the north part of the RM.

The South Saskatchewan river and its valley provide habitat for a variety of animals and birds. Deer, fox and coyotes are regularly seen in the valley. On occasion, cougars, moose and bears are sighted along the river.

This area of Saskatchewan is on the flyway for migrating birds; in the spring and fall there are spectacular sights and sounds to behold as these guests stop off for rest and food on their long journeys.

The Broderick Reservoir has excellent year round fishing.


The Rural Municipality of Rudy #284
202 Scott Street, Broderick SK
PO Box 1010, Outlook, SK S0L 2N0

Telephone (306) 867-9349

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Administrator: Trent Sim